Fancy Plans Co. Top 10 Best Sellers

Today here are the bestsellers for the month of December 2022

10. Divider w/ out Tab CLEAR -

9. Wording PLANNER SUBJECTS Labels -

8. Mini Page Marker (Various Colors) -

7. Date Cover Squares -

6. Vellum Planner Routine List -

5. Custom Name Vellum Dashboard -

4. Snap-In Folder | FROSTED -

3. 2023 Goals Vision Board Inserts -

2. Divider Dashboards SIDE | FROSTED -

1. 2023 Year At A Glance | Calendar - 

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Happy new year. I not sure what I am doing bur I am trying to complete my planner by making all insert functional and usable at all time. From my work schedule to doctor’s appointments for me and my mother who’s 85.
I love your inserts with the Filler paper that you use for half letter size. That’s what I want. Same as yours please.🙂

Hope Padilla January 06, 2023

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