If I Only Have $50 to Spend on Planner Supplies, This Is What I Would Buy

Of all the pens, planners bc, and accessories available, which ones are truly essential? What supplies would I prioritize if I were on a tight budget, say $50? Here's the list of must-haves within that budget!


$8.99 +

If you're new to planning or trying to save money, opt for a simple notebook. You don't need an expensive planner to get started. Using a notebook allows you to experiment with different layouts and designs before investing in a pricier option.

Budget-friendly planners can be found at discount stores or in the clearance section of stationery shops, as well as online platforms like Amazon. Alternatively, consider using a weekly notepad, which typically costs between $7 and $10.

This option is great if you prefer a straightforward approach to planning, as you can use it to create a single checklist for the week.


$2.25 +

With a plethora of pen brands available today, many tend to come with a hefty price tag and often require purchasing a whole set.

However, there's one standout: the Frixion erasable pen, priced at around $3. It's my personal favorite, offering smooth writing, a variety of colors, and the added bonus of being erasable, making it a top choice for any planner.if you make a mistake!

Printer Paper


It’s a lot cheaper to print your own printables/planner inserts

You probably already have a printer, if not most office supply stores can print pages for you. This is ok if you’re doing one off printing but in the long run it’ll be cheaper to get your own printer.

Planner stickers


Stickers can be a fantastic addition to your planner without breaking the bank, especially if you're mindful of your budget. Instead of splurging on complete sticker kits where many stickers might go unused, consider purchasing individual sticker sheets that fit your specific needs and spreads.

Here's why I love planner stickers:

  • Visual Appeal: Stickers infuse color, fun, and personality into planners, making them vibrant and engaging.

  • Organization: They help categorize plans, tasks, and events effectively. Different stickers can denote various activities or priorities, simplifying at-a-glance planning.

  • Customization: Stickers allow for personalization based on interests, hobbies, or themes, making each planner unique.

  • Motivation: Using stickers to mark off completed tasks or milestones offers a tangible sense of accomplishment.

  • Creativity: They offer a canvas for creativity, whether you're mixing, matching, or even crafting your own stickers.

In essence, planner stickers elevate your planning game by adding flair, organization, and a personal touch, all without straining your budget.


Stamps can be a game-changer in planner organization, offering both efficiency and creativity. They allow you to quickly mark dates, events, or tasks with precision, saving time compared to hand-writing repetitive information.

However, it's crucial to use the right ink to avoid smudging or missing the page. Opt for quick-drying, smudge-proof ink to ensure clean and crisp impressions every time.

While stamps may require a bit of practice to master, their benefits in terms of organization and personalization make them a worthwhile investment for any planner enthusiast.


Highlighters are versatile tools that can elevate your planner's functionality and aesthetics. They offer a quick way to introduce color, segment pages for list-making, and emphasize important headings or entries. By color-coding categories and creating dedicated sections with highlights, you can enhance clarity and prioritize information at a glance.

Adding pops of color with highlighters makes your planner pages visually engaging and enjoyable. Their simplicity and versatility make highlighters a cost-effective tool for staying organized and motivated, ensuring that crucial details stand out prominently in your planner. 

Washi Tape


Depending on how much you’ve spent already and whether you’re into planner decorating, I recommend 1 fat, 1 thin and 1 ultra thin washi tape. All of this will likely cost $10.



Consider investing in a sturdy, flat ruler for precise line ruling in planner spreads, habit trackers, and page divisions for list-making. Opt for a heavy ruler that won't easily shift out of place, ensuring accuracy in your designs. While you might stumble upon a $1 ruler at a discount store, avoid flimsy plastic rulers prone to slipping.

Paperclips or butterfly clips


Paperclips or butterfly clips serve as convenient tools for marking your place in your planner. If you're into bullet journaling, they're also handy for keeping pages open or flat, especially in bound notebooks.

You can typically find packs of paperclips or butterfly clips in assorted rainbow colors for around $2.

Sticky Notes


Sticky notes are perfect for handling overflow situations when you require a bit more space in your planner.

Even if you're budget-conscious, invest in quality sticky notes that actually adhere well. I personally recommend the Post-it Note 3M variety because they maintain their stickiness over several weeks and can be repositioned multiple times without losing their adhesive properties.

Sticky notes come in handy for jotting down shopping lists and follow-up reminders, preserving valuable planner space for other essential information.

TOTAL: $48.07

Planning on a budget doesn't mean compromising on functionality or style. With careful selection, you can build a well-equipped planner without breaking the bank. From affordable stickers that add flair and organization to your pages, to versatile highlighters that enhance clarity and visual appeal, and efficient stamps that offer both creativity and efficiency—every item on this list proves that budget-friendly planner supplies can be both practical and fun.

The best part? Even with these essential items, you can stay well within a $50 budget. Investing in these cost-effective tools not only makes planning more enjoyable but also helps you stay organized and motivated. So, whether you're new to planning or looking to refresh your current setup, these budget-friendly options offer great value without compromising on quality or style.

Happy planning!




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