Crazy Simple DIY Planner Hack For Chronic Planner Abandoners


Are you a chronic planner abandoner? Do you buy a planner with the best of intentions, only to use it for a day or two and then let it collect dust on a shelf somewhere? If this sounds familiar, don't worry – you're not alone. Many people struggle to stick with a planner, but there's a simple DIY planner hack that can help you stay on track.

Create a To-Do List

Start by creating a list in today's block of everything you need to get done, whether it's doing the dishes, running an errand, or calling your doctor.  

Even include tasks that you know won't happen that day. List as many things as necessary to compile your entire to-do list into one master list.

Check off Each Task

Throughout the day, check off each task as  you complete it.   At the end of the day, any unfinished tasks receive an arrow and a highlight, which will be your way of migrating the task. 

Rewrite The Task

Then rewrite the same task that you were not able to complete on the next days to do list. This means that any unfinished tasks from the previous day appear at the top of the list for the following day.

In essence, you are going to rewrite your to-do list every day using a Daily Checklist Planner. 

It takes only a few minutes but ensures that everything you need to do is right in front of you. This method eliminates the possibility of forgetting to do something because you’re literally rewriting the task every single day until you finally complete it. 

What will happen is that you will become annoyed that you are rewriting a task for the tenth time and you will prioritize completing it.

List Special Events On Your Monthly Calendar

Don’t list special events such as anniversaries  or things like tat in this planner section.  Use your monthly layout or use a separate planner for that purpose. Additionally, it may be a good idea to put special events on a digital calendar so that get a reminder and don’t forget about it.

By creating a basic daily check list, transferring any unfinished tasks to the following day (which I like to call "migrating"), and marking off completed items, you have a straightforward planning system that works for you and will hopefully keep you from planner abandonment.

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