8 Habits of Organized People

Have you ever looked at someone and think “wow they have their stuff together” and wonder how you can be like that? You can start by working towards the habits that organized people embody. Here are 8 habits that the most organized people out there do regularly to keep themselves and their lives in order.

  • #1 They write things down

If you’re finding yourself trying to be more organized then you probably are busy and have a lot of things to do and remember. You can’t stay organized if you forget things! And if you don’t write them down then you will never remember every single thing.

Maybe try walking around with a small notebook to jot things down, it makes a world of a difference in keeping your day organized and ensuring everything gets accomplished!

  • #2 They use a planner

Planners keep your whole life organized. I recommend having one for all parts of your life that need to be organized if you find that just one gets too filled up.  In order to stay organized I cannot stress enough the need to implement and use planning system that works for you.

  • #3 They do one task at a time

Multitasking decreases productivity and increases errors in whatever you are working on. It actually decreases your efficiency by over 40% for ANY tasks that you are trying to accomplish in that time.  Some have let multitasking take over their lives; to the point where it’s normal to text while talking to someone, or scroll on social media while watching TV. It’s the same while we work too, checking emails during an important meeting or being interrupted while working on a task. We think nothing of the minor issues that occur when we multitask between two or three different things. In fact, I’m sure you’ve believed (or still do) that multitasking can increase your productivity! This is far from the truth which is that this causes your brain to slow down and in result, takes you longer to complete both tasks.

  • #4 They clean along the way

The best thing we can do in order to keep our homes clean and organized is to do it throughout the day and before you begin the next task. For example, making breakfast? Do the dishes right after you finish eating so they don’t pile up in the sink. Is that laundry basket full? Put the clothes in the washer before you leave to run an errand and don’t forget to go ahead and fold them when completed. Just staying on top of things throughout the day keeps everything from adding up at the end of the day making your home less messy and stressful so do not wait until the end of the day or until the weekend to clean up and put things away.

  • #5 They do tasks right away

Procrastination makes everything cluttered and chaotic. Organized people take care of necessary tasks right away. If something comes to your attention like that the counters need to be wipes down or the trash needs to be taken out… just do it right then. Don’t wait for a time that you want to do it.  Staying on top of what you need to do before it even has time to be added to your to-do list makes the list of things shorter and helps you stay on top of those tasks that need to be completed.

  • #6 They only keep things that have a home

My rule is not to keep it if something isn’t in an assigned place (aka it’s “home”) “Junk drawers”? “Spare closets”? Get rid of it all. Get rid of it all by donating anything you can and throwing out the rest. Keeping things around with the intentions of selling them just keeps the clutter in your home so unless you actually have a plan to do that relatively soon then just toss it out or donate.

  • #7 They don’t buy it without a plan

This is basically, if you don’t know exactly what you are going to do with an item then you don’t need to buy it. That outfit you saw on 4 people on Instagram that you love but have nothing to wear it with and no where to wear it to? Yeah you don’t need that!  Those home decor items that you love but don’t have a place for, you don’t need it!  Keep yourself from having to declutter and constantly re-organize your home by just not buying the items you don’t need in the first place.

  • #8 They take advantage of down times

Do not let down times go to waste. Downtime is anytime during the day that isn’t obviously a time you can be productive but can be used to be organized.  Figure out ways to make that time productive. For example, commuting can feel like a huge waste of time so come up with a list of productive ways to use your commute.  Taking the kids to the park or an appointment use that time in some way to see how you can be more productive.

If you  have struggled at times with organization I hope that by sharing these tips I’ve helped you think about what you might need to work on to finally get organized.  It’s a nice feeling to know that even when my house is a mess, it won’t take long to pick it up and recover.  So get out your planner, schedule some time to organize, toss things you don’t need, stay off of Pinterest and stay focused on your goals.  Keep moving forward!  You’ve got this!  And so do I.

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